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Upcoming Events



"Everything Must Go" is about having too much of one thing, when ones life is at a cross roads of being overly  creative and near broke. The point of the show is to share and give an opportunity to the community to buy and support a vision of an artist for a fair price.  Dodge Williams is a brand name/entity based on vivid colors and universal messages: love, hate, unity and destruction. There will be a number of mixed media pieces all on stretched canvases. The canvases will range from 1x2ft. all the way to 2x3ft, as well as 3x 3ft.  Come sort through the collection and fall in love with an original hand painted piece!

 music, beer and other merchandise will be sold ! 

Location - 965 Brewster ave Redwood City December 7th 630- closing




7-4 PM Monday- Fri

9-1 Saturday- Sunday

3203 Oak Knoll Dr, Emerald Hills



Dodge Williams has been suppling art to the Bay Area for the last 2 years. Pieces are in homes ranging from Emerald Hills, Atherton and Palo Alto. Dodge Williams end mission as an entity is to bring a surrealistic contemporary energy to the environment by executing creative primal creations using colors from one end of the spectrum to the other. Dodge Williams uses acrylic and aerosolpaint with the help of water to create time, dimensions and space. Falling in love with the process as well as the result, Dodge Williams is excited to take the next step towards building and sculpting.


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